Building Permit Tables per Year by Month

(Presented by township, municipality, and school district)

Subdivision Lot “Pipeline” Information

County-wide Lot Status, End of 2020 (see downloads below for more information)
Single-Family Lots
   Non-Platted Zoned Lots
\\\\\Approved By Townships: 1,978 Lots
   Sketch Reviewed Lots: 315 Lots
   Preliminary Approved Lots: 4,568 Lots
   Final Approved Lots: 95 Lots
   Non-Built Recorded Lots: 1,273 Lots
Multi-Family Units 
   Housing Units Without Building Permit: 2,852 Units
Total: 11,081 Housing Units as of the end of 2020

(8,229 Single-Family lots and 2,852 Multi-Family housing units includes single-unit condominiums)
(12 years County supply in Townships based on a 5-year average of 977 permits/year)


Pipeline Tables, end of 2020

The tables represent all lots that are in the process of development within unincorporated areas. Data is presented as of 12/2020.