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We will be using this space as a library of links to videos and blog posts to help educate folks on planning and zoning issues.

Podcasts Creator Format
Our very own Jonathan Miller has a series of podcasts. Although it’s geared toward folks taking the AICP certification test, several entries form a great primer to planning and zoning history in the United States. Take a listen.
(Episodes 1-5 are AICP exam-related and not linked but available in the Episode Guide)
Jonathan Miller Podcast with links
So It Begins
Now That We Found Land What Are We Gonna Do With It?
By Land or By Sea
Civilization is Crumbling
You Get a Bunch of Acres!
We’re Chuggin’ Along
Every Man’s Experience
Show Me The Money
The Mountains Are Calling
A Company Town, a White City, and a Garden City Walk Into a Bar…
Vicks Won’t Fix This
Vital Internal Problems
Writs of Certiotati
Chicago’s Got No Little Plans


General Planning Videos Creator Format  
“City Beautiful” and Cheddar are Youtube channels that cover a variety of topics including zoning and planning issues. Here is a sampling, but explore the channels for more!
A Brief History of U. S. City Planning City Beautiful YouTube video
Why do so many U.S. cities have gridded streets? City Beautiful YouTube video
The Reason Our Streets Switched to Cul-De-Sacs City Beautiful YouTube video
Residential Streets are Too Wide – Here’s Why City Beautiful YouTube video
Can you build main streets in the suburbs? City Beautiful YouTube video
What is New Urbanism (Smart Growth)? City Beautiful YouTube video
Parking is devouring American cities Cheddar YouTube video
Why do new apartment buildings look the same? Cheddar YouTube video

Stay tuned for new videos on Zoning Commissions and BZA in Ohio Townships.