DCRPC online maps are offered in two formats with four pre-set views.

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  • New layers can be changed by clicking on “Content” or “Layers” depending on the view.
  • Active subdivision and zoning files include a pdf of the development plan which may be accessed by clicking on “more info” on the pop-up menu.
  • Note: Some data is available based on view and can be accessed by zooming in or out.

Overall Webmap


Development data (see details below)

  • Streams
  • OEPA Setbacks in Olentangy Watershed

Parks and Trail data (see details under Parks map)
Township Zoning
Village Zoning
Lot Split/Transfers optional
Condo and Other optional
School District (Auditor)

Transportation (Auditor)
Parcels (Auditor)
2019 Aerial (Auditor

Development Pattern


Proposed Subdivisions and Roads
Township Rezoning Cases
Proposed Comprehensive Plan Roads
Development Pipeline
Lot Splits/Transfers optional
Condo and Other Development optional
Streams and OEPA setbacks optional
Recorded Subdivisions (Auditor)
Township/Municipal Boundaries (Auditor)
School Districts (Auditor)
2019 Aerial (Auditor)

Parks and Trails

Local Plans – Proposed Bike/Ped Routes
Regional and Local Parks
Sidewalks, Wider Paths, Unpaved and other

County Trail Committee Corridors
On-Road/Cycling Group Routes
Township/Municipal Boundaries (Auditor)
2019 Aerial (Auditor)

Township and Village Zoning


Township Zoning (on when opened)
Village Zoning (optional under Content)
Municipal/Township Boundaries (Auditor)
Parcels (Auditor)
2019 Aerial (Auditor)

Gallery of recent map projects

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US 23 Economic Focus Areas Map shows the status of various non-residential areas, whether developed, zoned but undeveloped, or recommended on the local Comprehensive Plan. 2017
County-wide Economic Focus Areas Identical to map above, but for the whole county. 2017
Berkshire Twp Community Map Basic features of the township and area – we are working on a similar map for every community. 2019
Development Pattern Map When created, this displays the current rezoning and development projects throughout the unincorporated areas. A live version can be accessed above. 2018
Genoa Twp Base Map This map is used by Township departments to identify neighborhoods and addresses. 2018
Genoa Twp Neighborhood Map Map identifies platted neighborhoods within the Township. 2018
County-wide Comprehensive Plans All Township Comprehensive Plans are merged in this large format wall-sized map 2017
Build-out map Example of a build-out map using current zoning and proposed densities to project population in an area based on a single point. In this case, the point was the corner of Home Road and US 23. The projection was based on information at the time in 2006. 2006