DCRPC online maps are offered in two formats with four pre-set views.

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  • New layers can be changed by clicking on “Content” or “Layers” depending on the view.
  • Active subdivision and zoning files include a pdf of the development plan which may be accessed by clicking on “more info” on the pop-up menu.
  • Note: Some data is available based on view and can be accessed by zooming in or out.


Overall Webmap


Development data (see details below)

  • Streams
  • OEPA Setbacks in Olentangy Watershed

Parks and Trail data (see details below)
Township Zoning
Village Zoning
School District (Auditor)
Transportation (Auditor)
Parcels (Auditor)
2017 Aerial (Auditor)
2015 Aerial optional (Auditor)

Development Pattern


Proposed Subdivisions and Roads
Township Rezoning Cases
Proposed Comprehensive Plan Roads
Recorded Subdivisions (Auditor)
Township/Municipal Boundaries (Auditor)
School Districts (Auditor)
2017 Aerial (Auditor)
2015 Aerial optional (Auditor)

Parks and Trails


Proposed Bike/Ped Routes (Local Jurisdiction)
Sidewalks and Wider Paths
County Trail Committee Corridors
Township/Municipal Boundaries (Auditor)
2017 Aerial (Auditor)

Township and Village Zoning


Township Zoning (on when opened)
Village Zoning (optional under Content)
Municipal Boundaries (Auditor)
2017 Aerial (Auditor)

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