The table represents active development (larger cases) in the townships, descending from older cases at the top. Cases that are zoned but not yet in the subdivision phase are toward the bottom. 

Unincorporated areas only. Also visit our online map, where active subdivisions are yellow and rezonings are green here.

Township Project Zoning Subdivision Case Lots/Acres Prelim Sub Platting
Berlin Glenmead (revised) R-2/PRD 10-13sub 65/67.77 ac. 01/2015  Yes
Liberty Liberty Trace PRD 05-14sub 139/ 114.5 ac. 04/2014  Yes
Bek/Kin Northstar, Sec. 1, Ph. E PRD 15-14sub 64/30.88 ac. 07/2014
Liberty Olentangy Falls East PRD 20-14sub 114/102.99 ac. 09/2014  Yes
Liberty Liberty Bluff PRD 03-15sub 68/81.4 ac. 02/2015  Yes
Concord Clarkshaw Moors PRD 13-15sub 232/116.8 ac. 08/2015  Yes
Liberty Harvest Curve PR 04-16sub 38/36.7 ac. 02/2016
Concord 4910 Rutherford CAD FR-1 09-16sub 7/25 ac. 11/2016
Orange Evans Farm Overall
2,186/1,157 ac.
 N/A (Overall)
Orange Evans Farm Section 2 SFPRD 12-16.2sub 126/38.82 ac. 9/2018
Genoa Britonwoods RR 19-16sub 19/57.23 ac. 09/2016  Yes 
Berkshire Northstar, Sec. 1, Ph. B PRD 02-17sub 52/20.98 ac. 01/2017
Berkshire Northlake Woods PMUD 06-17sub 90/51.5 ac. 02/2017  Yes
Berlin Howard Farms R-4/PRD 09-17sub 175/141.38 ac. 03/2017  Yes
Genoa Grace’s Place FR-1 01-18sub 14/9.548 ac. 01/2018  Yes
Orange Enclave at Abbey Knoll SFPRD 04-18sub 26/16.44 ac. 02/2018
Genoa Vinmar Village 4-5 PRD 10-18.4-5sub 71/74.95 ac. 4/2018  Yes
Liberty Whetstone Ridge PRD 24-18sub 9/18.87 ac. 9/2018
Orange Courtyards at Clear Creek SFPRD 25-18sub 130/49.9 ac. 9/2018  Yes
Berkshire Northlake Preserve PMUD 29-18sub 211/111.8 ac. 11/2018  Yes
Berkshire Northstar Goldwell PMUD 30-18sub 121/44.90 ac. 11/2018  Yes
Concord Reserve at Scioto Bluff PRD 02-19sub 18/12.02 ac. 01/2019
Orange Grand Pointe at North Orange SFPRD 28-18sub 35/21.36 ac. 03/2019
Liberty Clark Shaw Reserve South PRD 18-19sub 86/42.79 ac. 06/2019
Concord Courtyards at River Bluff (Metro) PRD n/a 143/49.61 ac. n/a, condos Developing
Liberty 35-16.Bzon – Village at Clark Shaw (Courtyards at Hyatts) PMFR n/a 84 /20.6 ac. n/a, condos
Genoa 27-17zon – Hawk’s Nest at Highland Lakes PRD n/a 30/19.055 ac. n/a, condos Developing
 Orange  31-17zon – Ravines of Lewis Center SFPRD n/a 55/23.3 ac. n/a, condos Developing
Concord 05-18zon – Scioto Meadows North PRD n/a 20/8 ac. n/a, condos
Concord 06-18zon – Meadows at Home Road PRD n/a 25/10.157 ac. n/a, condos Developing
Concord 08-18zon – Dublin Farms LLC
PCD n/a 29.367 ac. (Storage) n/a, comm.
Orange 12-18zon – The Toy Box of Columbus
PC n/a 40 Com. units n/a, comm.
Orange 33-18zon – Orange Grand Communities
MFPRD  n/a 288 apt units n/a Developing
Liberty Liberty Summit POD 18 n/a 234 apt units n/a Developing
Berlin The Villas at Old Harbor East TPUD 22-19sub 50 lots to be condos 08/2019  
The Villas at Old Harbor West
90 lots to be condos
Liberty Liberty Grand E POD 18  27-19sub 308 apartment units 10/2019  
Liberty Liberty Grand G POD 18  27-19sub 101 multi-family
37 single-family
Liberty Liberty Grand District POD 18  30-19sub 489/175.3 ac. 11/2019  
Berlin Piatt Preserve Section 1 (West) R-3/PRD TBA 30/22.13 ac. 6/2020  
Berlin Piatt Preserve Section 2 (East) R-3/PRD 28-19sub 104/76.40 ac.
Berlin Piatt Preserve Extension R-3/PRD 11-20sub 57/40.2 ac.  8/2020  
Orange Jennings Sports Park at Evans Farm  SFPRD  31-19sub  Active Park  11/2019   
Orange Evans Farm Marketplace T’homes West PCD 32-19sub 42 multi-family 11/2019  
Berlin Ross Estates  PRD 34-19sub 71/42.71 ac. 12/2019  
Liberty Woodcrest Crossing PR 24-16sub 240 SF +60 condos/170.7 ac. 12/2019
Concord Scioto Res. Ext. (Cherry Glen) PRD 02-20sub 15/7.92 ac. 1/2020
Berlin Longhill Farms at Berlin R-3/PRD 33-19sub 482/278.81 ac. 1/2020
Genoa The Nest at Hoover PRD 08-20sub 29/25.66 ac. 5/2020
Orange The Cove at Evans Farm PC 07-20sub 22 condos/20 ac. 5/2020
Items below have been through the zoning phase but have not received Preliminary Subdivision approval or started development.
Orange 12-13zon    Kerbler Farms LLC     FR-1/ PERD Assist. Liv./17.11
Orange 13-13zon    Kerbler Farms LLC     FR-1/ PCD Comm./131.83
Orange 14-13zon    Kerbler Farms LLC     FR-1/ PID Ind./28.94
Orange 15-13zon    Kerbler Farms LLC     FR-1/ SFPRD 127 lots/111.1
Berlin 12-16zon    Evans Farm Land Dev. Co.
1,234 lots/607.12
Berlin 13-16zon    Evans Farm Land Dev. Co. (Paykoff)   FR-1/ PRD-PCD 539 lots/314.21
Berlin 17-16zon    Westfield Lakes (Metro)
FR-1/ R-3-PRD
63 lots/45.397
Berlin 18-16zon    Southwoods (Metro)
FR-1/ R-3-PRD
30 lots/23.838
Liberty 35-16.Azon    Clark Shaw Reserve (North)  FR-1/PRD 115 lots remaining /152.4
Concord 03-17zon    Riverside Highlands (Metro)  FR-1/PRD 126 lots/63.72
Concord 04-17zon    Concord Highlands (Metro)
98 lots/50
Orange 17-17bzon    Clear Creek/Home High     PC/PC
Liberty 40-17zon    Rockford Homes (Nelson Farms North)     PRD/PRD 37 lots/40.6
Berlin 08-19zon    Metro (Berlin Meadows)
FR-1/PRD R-3
384 lots/183.81
Berlin 09-19zon    Metro (Berlin Meadows commercial)  FR-1&PID/PCD
8 Com. Units
Orange 10-19zon – Porshi
11 lots/11.25
Concord 04-20zon – Metro Concord Highlands FR-1/PRD
520 lots,
120 apts,
100 SF condos

*If “Yes,” then platting has begun, but future sections are still in progress.
“Lots” refers to single-family fee simple parcels
“Units” refers to multi-family condominium units, some of which are single-unit designs.