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Delaware County Details




Map of Delaware County


Description of data

Building Permits
Building permits are collected monthly from the Code Compliance office and annually from individual incorporated jurisdictions. For the purposes of this report, Multi-Family includes single-family detached units, if developed under a condominium declaration.

Population is collected from Decennial Census information to 2010 and then DCRPC population projections from 2011 to the current year.

Property Valuation – update 2016
Property valuation is collected from information from the Delaware County Auditor. Sectors are defined by the Auditor. Valuation in incorporated areas is removed and located in the Municipal section.

Land Use Mix – update 2018
Land Use Mix is collected from the County Auditor’s information, created for tax purposes. It typically reflects how land is used and not how it is zoned. Note: Open Space includes Golf Courses, Parks, and Open Space Areas. Right of Way includes Roads and Railways.

Effective Tax Receipts – update 2016
Effective Tax Receipt information is provided by the Delaware County Treasurer and only represents taxes that apply to entire townships/municipalities (not special districts and other taxing functions).

Housing Mix – update 2015
Housing Mix uses GIS-based housing data points which may contain units that are not yet occupied.

Ethnic Mix
Ethnic Mix uses ethnicity collected as part of the 2000 and 2010 Decennial Census. Some adjustments have been made to generally reflect where actual municipal boundaries may be different than those reflected in the Census.